New e-books will be added to the web shop continuously


This is where you can buy Tine's Danish e-books concerning chocolate bonbons

This is where you'll find the best seller "FYLDTE CHOKOLADER - en praktisk guide", which is Tine's ultra practical textbook within the making of chocolate bonbons. The e-book is also available in English here: "CHOCOLATE BONBONS  - a practical guide". 

In addition, you'll find the e-book "CHOKOLADEBARER" concerning chocolate bars with both recipes for fillings and directions for designs for Tine's versions of five different chocolate bars. This e-book is also available in English here: "CHOCOLATE BARS".

New and shorter e-books will be added to the web shop continuously. These will all be theme based, and they will include either recipes for fillings for chocolate bonbons or directions for designs made using various decoration techniques - or both recipes and designs.

About the chocolate e-books in the web shop

CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide

Filled chocolates, pralines, bonbons – out favourite children have many names.

Here in the web shop you will find elaborate and detailed e-books about beautiful chocolates with delicious fillings.

Here, of course, is the bestseller "CHOCOLATES BONBONS - a practical guide", which is Tine's extremely practical textbook on making chocolate bonbons. The e-book contains an enormous amount of practical tips for all stages of the work process, which are beneficial for both beginners who wishes to learn how to temper chocolate and work with coloured cocoa butter - and for practiced and more experienced makers of chocolate.

The e-book also contains 24 recipes for fillings for chocolate bonbons, including recipes for many different varieties of chocolate ganache. All fillings are balanced, taste great, and have a shelf life of 1-2 months. By this is meant that all the fillings will taste great for the first 2 months but that a few of the fillings will taste of more in the first month. In the e-book you will also get instructions for various decorating techniques and designs that you can use if you want to decorate your chocolate bonbons with coloured cocoa butter.

In addition, "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide" naturally includes detailed and easy-to-understand step-by-step guides for tempering chocolate and coloured cocoa butter. In the e-book you will also learn how to achieve beautiful, shiny chocolate bonbons, and the e-book also has a whole chapter just on airbrushing with coloured cocoa butter. The chapter contains everything you need to know about airbrushing related to chocolate bonbons, including bringing your airbrush to life, getting to know your airbrush, and getting a handle on what to adjust if the airbrush doesn't spray evenly and nicely (or doesn't spray at all).

"CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide" also includes chapters on the physics of chocolate tempering, on the properties of different sugars (including why it is a good idea to combine several different sugars in a ganache rather than just using glucose syrup), on cleaning moulds and equipment, about storage and shelf life of the chocolate bonbons, and recommendations in relation to equipment and ingredients.

In the shop you can see the table of contents and selected pages from "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide". 


CHOCOLATE BARS - luxury versions

Shorter e-books with a specially selected theme will continuously be added to the web shop. 

For the moment, the web shop contains an e-book about chocolate bars with both recipes for fillings and directions for designs for Tine's luxury versions of five different chocolate bars. In the e-book "CHOCOLATE BARS" you will thus get a recipe for homemade Snickers, a recipe for homemade Lion Bar, a recipe for homemade Bounty, a recipe for homemade Mars, and a recipe for homemade Twix. In addition, in "CHOCOLATE BARS" you get directions for decorating with coloured cocoa butter - of all five chocolate bars.

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