This is where you can buy my English e-books concerning chocolate bonbons

In the web shop, naturally, you will find the best seller "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide", which is my ultra practical textbook within the making of chocolate bonbons. 

In addition, the web shop contains the e-book "CHOCOLATE BARS" with both recipes for fillings and directions for designs for my versions of five different chocolate bars is available in the web shop, and the e-book "SUMMER DESSERTS - in a chocolate bonbon" with recipes for summerish bonbons.

The latest additions are the e-books "NO AIRBRUSH NEEDED" with directions for designs that can all be made without an airbrush, "AUTUMN", which contains recipes for delicious two layered bonbons with wonderful autumn flavours, as well as "MORE CHOCOLATE BARS", which is the sequel to the extremely popular first e-book about chocolate bars.

New and shorter e-books will be added to the web shop continuously. These will all be theme based, and they will include either recipes for fillings for chocolate bonbons or directions for designs made using various decoration techniques - or both recipes and designs.

About the chocolate e-books in the web shop

CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide

Filled chocolates, pralines, chocolate bonbons – our favourite children have many names.

In this part of the web shop you will find the English editions of my elaborate and detailed e-books about beautiful chocolate bonbons with delicious fillings.

Here, of course, is the bestseller "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide", which is my extremely practical textbook regarding the making of chocolate bonbons. The e-book is a cornucopia of practical tips for all stages of the work process. And these are tips that will benefit both beginners and more experienced makers of chocolate. So the e-book is for you who have never tempered chocolate or coloured cocoa butter before - but wishes to learn how to - and also for you who have tried it before but who would like to improve your skills and optimise your work processes - and of course optimise the result of your finished chocolate bonbons.

In addition to step-by-step guides for tempering chocolate and coloured cocoa butter, "CHOCOLATES BONBONS - a practical guide" also contains all this:

24 recipes for fillings for chocolate bonbons
- including recipes for many different varieties of chocolate ganache. All fillings are balanced, taste super delicious, and have a shelf life of 1-2 months. By this is meant that all the fillings will taste good for 2 months but that a few of the fillings will taste of most in the first month.

Step by step instructions for various decorating techniques and designs
- which you can use if you want to decorate your chocolate bonbons with coloured cocoa butter. There are both instructions for designs that can be made without an airbrush - and designs that require an airbrush.

Beautiful, shiny chocolates
- how do you ensure that your chocolate bonbons have tons of shine? You will also find the answer to that in the e-book.

A whole chapter exclusively about airbrushing
- with coloured cocoa butter, of course. The airbrush chapter contains everything you need to know about airbrushing related to chocolate bonbons, including

1. Bring your airbrush to life
2. Get to know your airbrush
3. Get a handle on what to regulate if the airbrush does not spray evenly and nicely (or does not spray at all)
4. Fixing airbrush issues

Theory chapters
-  in " CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide", you’ll also get theory chapters. The e-book contains chapters on the physics of chocolate tempering and on the properties of different sugars - including why it is a good idea to combine several different sugars in a ganache rather than just using glucose syrup.

Cleaning, storage, shelf life, equipment, and ingredients
- you will also get help with all these topics in the e-book. You get information on how to clean chocolate moulds and equipment, on storage and shelf life of the chocolate bonbons and also recommendations in relation to equipment and ingredients.

In the web shop you can see the table of contents and selected pages from "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide".

CHOCOLATE BARS - luxury versions

Shorter e-books with a specially selected theme are continuously added to the web shop.

For the moment, the web shop also contains an e-book about chocolate bars with both recipes for fillings and instructions for designs for my luxury versions of five different chocolate bars. In the e-book "CHOCOLATE BARS" you will thus get a recipe for homemade Snickers, a recipe for homemade Lion Bar, a recipe for homemade Bounty, a recipe for homemade Mars, and a recipe for homemade Twix. In addition, in "CHOCOLATE BARS" you get instructions on decorating with coloured cocoa butter - of all five chocolate bars.

Go directly to "CHOCOLATE BARS".

SUMMER DESSERTS - in a chocolate bonbon

In the web shop you will also find the e-book: "SUMMER DESSERTS - in a chocolate bonbon".

In the e-book, you will find recipes for fillings for three different summerish chocolate bonbons, which are composed with inspiration from three delicious summer desserts:

  • Blueberry Tart
  • Rhubarb Trifle
  • Strawberry Cake

The three bonbons all contain three different fillings, and all three summerish bonbons are bursting with flavour.

Go directly to "SUMMER DESSERTS - in a chocolate bonbon".

NO AIRBRUSH NEEDED - beautiful designs

This e-book that has been in huge demand. The e-book is entirely about creating beautiful designs without the use of an airbrush

Working with an airbrush is not for everyone - some might not have the desire or the opportunity to decorate bonbons with an airbrush. Luckily, it is possible to make beautiful designs without an airbrush. If you have any doubts, feel free to take a look at the e-book right here, where you can see pictures of the designs that you get directions for in the e-book :-)

In the e-book you get detailed step-by-step descriptions of how to make the individual designs - with associated process images for each step, recommendations for choosing colours, chocolate type, moulds, temperature of the mould, and specific tips for the design in question.

Go directly to "NO AIRBRUSH NEEDED - beautiful designs".


AUTUMN - two layered chocolate bonbons
This is another theme-based recipe e-book. The e-book contains recipes for fillings for four different bonbons (eight fillings in total):

Chai Latte & Blackberry
Rich chocolate caramel with a hint of chai latte and a firm chocolate truffle with a subtle acidity from the blackberries.

Apple & Macaron
Fresh and tangy apple compote and a crunchy macaron layer.

Tahini/Cinnamon & Bastogne
Cinnamon-spiced ganache made on tahini and a biscuit layer made with Bastogne biscuits and almond praliné.

Orange & Gianduja
Orange caramel made from whole oranges and a crunchy hazelnut gianduja.

The finished bonbons all have a shelf life of minimum 45 days. The ingredients for the autumn bonbons can be purchased in an ordinary well-stocked supermarket. 

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MORE CHOCOLATE BARS - luxury versions

In January 2024, a second e-book about chocolate bars was added to the web shop: "MORE CHOCOLATE BARS". In this e-book you get recipes and directions for designs for homemade Ferrero Rocher bars, Toblerone, Bueno, After Eight, and Daim.

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