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Learn how to make chocolate bonbons. "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide" is the ultimate book on making homemade chocolate bonbons. Recipes for chocolate bonbons.

CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide (English version)

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The ultimate practical guide to success in making beautiful, tasty chocolate bonbons.

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You get, among other things, this in the book: 

- Detailed step-by-step guide to tempering chocolate and coloured cocoa butter
- The knowledge of how to make beautiful, shiny chocolate bonbons
- Everything you need to know about airbrushing, including how to bring your airbrush to life, how to get to know your airbrush, and what to adjust if the airbrush doesn't spray evenly and nicely (or doesn't spray at all)
- Knowledge of the properties of different sugars and the physics of chocolate tempering
- 24 easy recipes for fillings for your chocolate bonbons - that both taste extremely delicious and have a shelf life of 1-2 months
- Step-by-step guides to decorating your chocolate bonbons with coloured cocoa butter, including guides for both simple and more advanced designs
- Directions for cleaning moulds and equipment
- Information on storage and shelf life of the chocolate bonbons
- Information and recommendations regarding equipment and ingredients
- Tips for all stages of the work process

All in all, the book is a cornucopia of practical tips and points of attention in order to succeed in making beautiful, tasty chocolate bonbons.

Also, see the table of contents below for a more detailed insight into what the book contains.

Number of pages: 147

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Customer reviews

Based on 6 reviews
10. aug. 2023

Mónica Patrignani
Excelente libro, muy completo y super bien explicado.
20. may. 2023

First i want to thank you for the delicious recipes and the amazing techniques, i had done most of the recipes and i liked all, i had used your tempering technique and it was really easy.
23. apr. 2023

Sheila Power
Numerous tips…
Tine, thank you for such a great step by step book. Lots of tips and tricks. Looking forward to next chocolate time to incorporate new things I have learned. Book is very thought out, like you recorded every step along the process and left nothing out. Great for beginners, great for those already working in chocolate-offering new tips/tricks. Only half way through book, but loving it!! Thank you
14. dec. 2022

Roxy & Rich - colorants
Must have!
This is an amazing e-book that will teach you, step by step, how to create stunning (and delicious) chocolate bonbons. It is so well done that we think it should be a printed book!
25. nov. 2022

Just looking at what will be in this E-book has me excited!! The chocolates in the pictures on Instagram are beautiful.
30. sep. 2022

Monika Bachmann
Chocolate Bonbons - a practical quide (engelsk version)
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