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CHOCOLATE BARS (English version)

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ENGLISH VERSION OF THE E-BOOK - 2nd edition (coming in August)

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With this e-book in hand, you will be able to make the most amazing homemade chocolate bars that taste even better than the ones you can buy in the supermarket. The recipes are easy to follow, so you can easily succeed in making the chocolate bars, and the shelf life of the finished chocolate bars is a minimum of 45 days, so you do not have to worry about eating your chocolate bars within a few days. But maybe this will not be a problem after all, because the chocolate bars tend to disappear quite quickly all by themselves ;-)

This e-book contains directions for designs and filling recipes for my versions of these five different chocolate bars:

▪ Snickers
▪ Lion
▪ Bounty
▪ Mars
▪ Twix

The chocolate bars have a shelf life of at least 45 days (stored at 16-18 degrees or cooler).

For the record, I point out that I obviously do not have access to the original recipes for Snickers, Lion, Bounty, Mars, or Twix. The recipes that you will find in the e-book have thus been developed by myself solely based on how the original bars taste. Therefore, it would probably have been more correct to name my bars Snickers-ish, Lion-ish, Bounty-ish, Mars-ish, and Twix-ish – but not so easy to read, and this is why I chose not to.

The original chocolate bars that you can buy in the supermarket are mass-produced and have a shelf life of 6 months or more. Therefore, they are (naturally) not based on the same ingredients that I use for my bars. E.g., I use quality chocolate from Callebaut and fresh whipping cream for my bars - and you can of course taste that quality in the finished bars. Therefore, chocolate bars made according to my recipes will not taste exactly like the ones you can buy in the supermarket. However, I don't think you will be disappointed by the difference :-)

This 2nd edition of the e-book has been upgraded on a number of points compared to the 1st edition:

▪ All the caramel recipes have been substantially changed, so that it will be easier for you to succeed in making the caramel fillings in the chocolate bars.
▪ The recipes are now structured so that you will find the ingredients and the procedure for each layer - in the bars that contain several layers - together. So, in the new version, you do not have to scroll back to the beginning of the recipe to see how much of each ingredient is needed when making filling number 2 in the chocolate bars.

▪ The procedures are described in more detail and with several practical tips. Both so that you do not become doubtful along the way whether you are on the right track, e.g. if a caramel separates (will it still work, or should you discard the caramel?), and to guide you in the best possible way, e.g. on how long to whip the French nougat.

▪ And finally, all the pictures have been upgraded. Of course, this does not have much practical significance, but it was actually the primary reason why I decided to make a 2nd edition of the e-book. My "photo-skills" and my standards for chocolate photos have changed since I took the photos for the 1st edition, and there were several of the photos I was no longer completely satisfied with.

Number of pages: 31.

The e-book "CHOCOLATE BARS" does not contain instructions for tempering coloured cocoa butter and chocolate.

But you can read how to do succeed with tempering in my first e-book, "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide", which contains everything you need to know about tempering chocolate and coloured cocoa butter, making your own coloured cocoa butter, working with an airbrush, cleaning moulds, making delicious fillings with a long shelf life, and much, much more.

If you are looking for a super easy to follow guide to chocolate tempering, you'll find one on the Chocolate Blog right here: Chocolate tempering made easy.

The file that you download is a pdf file. So the e-book works both super well if you want to read it on an iPad - and just as well if you want to print it on regular paper.

Since e-books are digital, a purchase of e-books is final. Therefore, if you buy an e-book, you cannot return or exchange it. If you have any questions, it is better if you ask first :-) You can send a message via the contact formula.

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Customer reviews

Based on 20 reviews
5. may. 2024

Perfect e-book
Great recipes, step-by-step instructions easy to follow. Definitely worth buying.
2. may. 2024

Better than the originals
I tested all of the recepies of this ebook. The recipes are easy to follow, step by step, using "normal" ingredients and the results are great: Everybody who tested my new bars loves them more than the originals :)
1. may. 2024

clive hollyoak
brilliant,, full of info ,,,,if your serious about chocolate ,this is the book for you
1. may. 2024

Chocolate bar book
I want to thank you for this book it was amazing, I really love it , I hope I will try another one soon
1. may. 2024

Gregor Skalicky
Best one
24. apr. 2024

rosalyn hunt
So good!
This is an excellent book containing great recipes, really looking forward to trying them all!
25. jan. 2024

Loved the e-book
I purchased one of the bars book and loved it so much, I’m thinking about which e-book to buy next. The e-book is easy to follow and the instructions are crystal clear. As well as I asked Mrs Tina a question regarding the ingredients and she answered me with a precise answer and took the time to answer my enquiry, which is very much appreciated. Wish Mrs Tina all the best.
20. jan. 2024

Good but not tried all the recipes
Still to try all the recipes but very clear instructions
20. jan. 2024

Inge de Wit
Very nice book
Bought this book a few months ago. Allready made all the recipes. Very clear explanation. Love the recipe for Bounty!
20. jan. 2024

Daniel Biernaux
Un régal pour les yeux et les papilles : Découvrez les livres électroniques de Tine Forst
Tine Forst, passionnée de chocolat depuis de nombreuses années, partage son savoir-faire et sa passion pour le chocolat à travers ses livres électroniques détaillés et pratiques. Que vous soyez un débutant en matière de fabrication de bonbons au chocolat ou un chocolatier expérimenté souhaitant perfectionner vos techniques, les e-books de Tine Forst sont une véritable mine d'or d'informations et de conseils avisés.

Des recettes gourmandes et originales

Dans ses e-books, Tine Forst vous propose une multitude de recettes de ganaches, pralinés et autres garnitures pour vos bonbons au chocolat. Chaque recette est soigneusement élaborée pour garantir un équilibre parfait des saveurs et une texture irrésistible.

Des techniques de fabrication détaillées

Tine Forst vous guide pas à pas à travers les différentes étapes de la fabrication de bonbons au chocolat, depuis le temperage du chocolat jusqu'à la décoration finale. Elle vous explique avec précision les techniques à utiliser pour obtenir des résultats professionnels, même si vous êtes un débutant.

Des designs somptueux et faciles à réaliser

Les e-books de Tine Forst vous proposent des techniques de décoration créatives et accessibles à tous, même sans airbrush. Grâce à ses tutoriels détaillés, vous apprendrez à réaliser des designs élégants et raffinés qui feront sensation auprès de vos proches.

Un investissement rentable pour les amateurs de chocolat

Les e-books de Tine Forst représentent un investissement rentable pour tous les amateurs de chocolat qui souhaitent perfectionner leurs techniques et créer de véritables œuvres d'art gourmandes.

Que vous soyez un débutant ou un chocolatier expérimenté, je vous recommande vivement d'acquérir les e-books de Tine Forst. Vous y trouverez des informations précieuses, des recettes savoureuses et des techniques de décoration faciles à suivre qui vous permettront de réaliser de magnifiques bonbons au chocolat.
16. jan. 2024

Kathy Para
Worth every penny!
Definitely a useful book of recipes. Detailed explanations, and good creative direction. Recipes choices are fun and easy to follow. No issues with English translation which is helpful.
16. jan. 2024

Zuzana Grofova
Chocolate Bars
This e-books is perfect for all beginners. Clear instructions, easy to follow and simple recipes. Eventhough I am a big fan of all of these Bars I´ve turned them into moulded pralines. It was quite hard to get the nougatine into the moulds sometimes but it was my choice. I love them all!
16. jan. 2024

Jannie Jacobsen
Do it yourself
I love this book. The explanations are easy to follow and it is just so much more fun to be able to make all the known chokolatebars yourself.
21. oct. 2023

Aaron H
Perfect instruction, AMAZING recipes
I have a variety of recipe books from several people in the chocolate world and I have to say Tine’s are some of the most thorough with the best information. Not to mention this one with all the recipes on how to make the BEST versions of some of your favorite chocolate bars. One of the things for me that make these the best is that the ratios of ingredients and moisture content of all the recipes make the products in her recipes shelf stable so you won’t make anyone sick or have any food safety concerns. This is a big thing overlooked in the chocolate making recipe world in my opinion. Definitely recommend giving it a go, you won’t regret it!
21. oct. 2023

Great, helpful, tasty and clear!
This ebook is super nice. I had already tried to recreate some original bars and this book really helped. It has clear and helpful explanations, the designs are a lot of fun and the recipes are super tasty. It was great help in my search on how to create the bars.
19. oct. 2023

Great Resource
If you like chocolate bars, this is a great resource. I have tried most of them and they are easy to follow and turned out great!
19. oct. 2023

Great Resource
If you like chocolate bars, this is a great resource. I have tried most of them and they are easy to follow and turned out great!
18. oct. 2023

Very easy to do it yourself
Do you like bars, like Mars, Twix and,or Snickers? Younreally should have these recipes of Tine and you can make them yourself drom nog. Recipes are very clear and easy to do.
18. oct. 2023

Love it
If you are a bar lover this is the book for you. I tested all recipes and they are better than the original. My favourite is the Mars recipe. It is absolut perfect.
18. oct. 2023

Excellent resource
I love this book! The recipes are easy to follow and are absolutely delicious! The Twix one is a firm favourite of mine and my family. I make them a couple times a month 😂 excellent book and I look forward to getting more.
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