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Tips for creating designs on chocolate bonbons

When I plan designs for chocolate bonbons using these 5 simple steps, it is SO MUCH EASIER for me to feel inspired and to get ideas for new designs:

1. On my iPad, I go to the website of Roxy & Rich to get a great overview of all their amazing colours. My favourites are the E171 free colours from the Gemstone collection.

2. I choose the moulds, I want to work with - and place them on our dining table.

3. I also bring all my colours to our dining table.

4. I look in my own e-books for inspiration (both CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide, CHOCOLATE BARS, MORE CHOCOLATE BARS, and NO AIRBRUSH NEEDED (which all contain directions for various designs)), and I go through my saved posts on Instagram.

5. And then - while looking at the moulds, looking at the colours, and putting colours together in various combinations - I start noting down ideas.

I find that this is the best way for me to visualise new designs and colour combinations. Some days, tons of ideas come to me. Other days… not so many 😅

However, I always really enjoy planning my designs.