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How to make colourful chocolate bonbons with a beautiful watercolour effect

The effect is achieved by blowing clean air with the airbrush on several colours at a time. The trick to being able to create this shiny yet watercolor look is to use plain/neutral cocoa butter. The plain cocoa butter is tempered in exactly the same way as the coloured cocoa butters.

With this design, it is extra important that the room temperature and the temperature of the mould are not too high, but max. 21°C and preferably only 18-20°C.

Airbrush pressure: 3-4 bar

You need

Plain/neutral cocoa butter
Three different colours of cocoa butter
Chocolate mould without grooves or edges, e.g. a larger hemisphere or a smooth Easter egg mould
Small disposable pipette


1. Begin by placing a little plain cocoa butter in the centre of a cavity. I dose 2-4 drops depending on the size of the cavities in the chosen mould, and I use a pipette to dose the amount. I place the drops together in the cavity so that combined they form one larger "drop". Immediately proceed to step 2 below (the plain cocoa butter must not have time to set).

2. Then place a few very small drops of each colour in the cavity (I use toothpicks for this) - some in the plain cocoa butter, some next to it. Now blow clean air with an airbrush on the cocoa butter so that the colours are distributed in the cavity. Mould the bonbons in white chocolate so that the watercolour image stands out - or finish by fully colouring with white (two layers).

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