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I use a Stanley Fatmax 1.0 HP 6 L compressor, acquired at a hardware store for 135 €. It has a tank of 6 litres and has a maximum pressure of 8 bar. It can produce 105 litres per minute.

The compressor is oil-free, which it should be when working with food.

To be on the safe side - in relation to avoiding getting water in the airbrush - it is a good idea to purchase a water separator for the compressor. I have bought the separator in a hardware store for around 35 €.

When connecting the water separator to the compressor, it may be necessary to use sealing tape to ensure that the connection is completely tight. You also need an extra nipple (1/4" male - 1/8" male) to be able to connect the airbrush hose to the water separator.

There are, naturally, other suitable compressors than the one I use. Regardless of which compressor you buy, it is my recommendation that it should have a maxi­mum pressure of at least 3 bars and be able to produce a minimum of 80 litres per minute (and of course be oil-free).

If you wish to know more about the airbrushes that I use, you can read about them in the blog post Airbrushes.