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I use these two airbrushes:

Sparmax DH-125
Custom Colors 116 B

The Sparmax airbrush has a dual action func­tion. The airbrush thus has two functions built into its trigger, which is located on top of the airbrush:

- When pressed down, air (and only air) is blown out of the airbrush. 
- When you press down and pull back, both paint and air are blown out of the airbrush.

The Sparmax airbrush is good for colouring details and, in general, for all the colouring you do before fully colouring the cavities in one colour (as the last step in the colouring process).

The Custom Colours airbrush is a trigger air­brush, and it does not have a built-in dual action function. The airbrush thus has only one function for the trigger which is located underneath the airbrush:

- When you pull the trigger back, both paint and air are blown out of the airbrush

I only use the Custom Colours airbrush to fully colour the cavities, i.e. after all details have been made with the Sparmax airbrush. An airbrush with a trigger grip (compared to an airbrush with a trigger on top) is a lot more comfortable to work with. 

Want to know more?

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If you want to know more about airbrushing, including all the practical tips, in my e-book CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guidethere is a whole chapter (14 pages) about airbrush and airbrushing. The chapter contains, among other things, all this:

- Recommendations regarding airbrushes and compressor 
- Bring your airbrush to life
- Get to know your airbrush
- Knowledge of pressure and paint flow
- What to adjust if the airbrush doesn't spray evenly and nicely (or doesn't spray at all)
- Tips and tricks for airbrushing
- How to fix airbrush issues
- Change of colour in airbrush
- Cleaning the airbrush