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Chocolate tempering - 5 mistakes you don't want to make

1. Stirring the chocolate too much
If you stir the chocolate too much, you run the risk of the chocolate becoming over-crystallised - and therefore very viscous.

2. Stirring the chocolate too little
If you stir the chocolate too little, you run the risk that the chocolate will not be tempered or only semi-tempered.

3. Working with a too small amount of chocolate
It is difficult to temper a small amount of chocolate because the temperature changes quickly. Use a minimum of 500 g.

4. Not to add all the seeding chocolate at once
By adding all the seeding chocolate at once, the desired rapid cooling of the chocolate is achieved.

5. Ignoring the critical temperature limit for the chocolate
There MUST be unmelted seeding chocolate left in the melted chocolate when the critical (temperature) limit is passed. Otherwise, the chocolate will not be tempered.

You will find a very concise and easy to follow guide to tempering both dark, milk, and white chocolate right here: Chocolate tempering made easy!

If you would rather have a step-by-step description with all the practical tips and tricks, as well as how to fix chocolate tempering issues, you will find it in the e-book "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide".