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Top 4 fillings for 4 different types of chocolate

There are some fillings that are best suited for a shell of dark chocolate, while other fillings taste absolutely amazing if they are surrounded by a shell of milk, gold, or white chocolate.

Below, you will find my top 4 fillings for shells of dark, milk, gold, and white chocolate respectively. 

Dark chocolate

Pistachio Ganache
Baileys Ganache
Dark Orange Crunch
Salted Caramel 

Milk chocolate

Coconut Ganache
Ruby/Raspberry Ganache
Nougat Crunch
Passionfruit Ganache 

Gold chocolate

Oreo Ganache
Dark Ganache
Chai Latte Ganache
Mocca/Almond Ganache 

White chocolate

Liquorice Ganache
Crunchy Coffee Ganache
Virgin Gin Hass Ganache
Power 41 Ganache

You can find the recipes for all the above fillings in the e-book "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide".