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The ultimate gamechanger for your ganache

Use multiple sugars!

Sugar is not just sugar. Especially when it comes to ganache, it is absolutely crucial for taste, texture, and shelf life which sugar(s) the ganache is made of.

I use multiple types of sugar in my ganache because different sugars have different properties, in terms of e.g. sweetness, texture, and reduction of water activity (AW). You can read more about water activity right here.

The choice of sugars in a ganache thus influences on e.g. taste, texture, and shelf life.

If you wonder why my recipes for ganache always contain other sugars than, for example, just glucose syrup, you will get the answer here: A ganache made exclusively from glucose syrup (as well as chocolate and cream, of course) will have a sticky consistency compared to a ganache, which contains a combination of multiple sugars. Also, it will only have a shelf life of approximately 3 weeks.

So in my opinion, when making good ganache - which in addition has a shelf life of up to 2 months - you need other sugars than just glucose syrup. I promise you that once you have tried making ganache with other sugars than glucose syrup alone - such as sorbitol, invert sugar and dextrose - you will never again make a ganache where the only added sugar is glucose syrup.

I am well aware that you cannot get hold of sorbitol, invert sugar and dextrose in your local supermarket, but in Denmark (where I am based) there are quite a few online shops where you can buy them. This also applies to many other parts of the world.

By the way, regular sugar (granulated sugar) is one of the least suitable types of sugar to use in a ganache. If you add granulated sugar to a ganache, the sugar will recrystallize after a relatively short time and release water in the ganache. This will cause both a greatly reduced shelf life and a strange texture.

If you are looking for recipes for delicious ganache, which contain multiple sugars for optimal taste, texture, and shelf life, then you will find plenty of such recipes in my e-book "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide".