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Shine: This is how!

Beautiful, shiny chocolate bonbons require three things:

1. To work with a clean mould without scratches. A clean mould is best achieved by washing it with warm water and soap and/or in the dishwasher. A mould can be scratched if sharp tools are used in it. You should, for example, be incredibly careful when you make designs where piping nozzles, airbrushes or other equipment are used in the actual cavities.

2. To work at the right temperatures. This applies to both the room temperature and the temperature of the mould, and it applies to all stages of the working process.

3. To work with properly tempered coloured cocoa butter and properly tempered chocolate.

All three steps are each ultra-important to follow if you want to achieve a perfect shine on your chocolate bonbons. But if you follow them, there is also guarantee for success.

In my e-book "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide" you'll find all you need to know regarding the three steps mentioned above.