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Recipe for the ultimate coffee ganache


70 g whipping cream
20 g glucose syrup
15 g honey
3 g Nescafé powder (approx. 5 teaspoons)
90 g milk chocolate (chopped into small pieces)
60 g dark chocolate (chopped into small pieces)
20 g butter


1. Combine whipping cream, glucose syrup, honey and Nescafé powder, and bring the mixture to a boil, e.g. in the microwave. Stop heating as soon as the mixture boils Stir the mixture well to ensure that the Nescafé powder is completely dissolved.

2. Let the cream mixture cool down to 40°C, while you carefully melt the chocolate (milk and dark mixed together) to 35°C, e.g. in the microwave at approx. 600 watts (in short intervals).

3. Pour the cream mixture over the melted chocolate - a little at a time - while stirring in the center with a small rubber spatula. Stir until the ganache comes together and becomes glossy and uniform. Add butter and stir until the ganache comes together again. Blend the ganache with an immersion blender, and transfer the ganache to a piping bag. The ganache is then ready to use.

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