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Learn how to make homemade Snickers, Lion, Bounty, Mars, and Twix. "CHOCOLATE BARS – luxury versions" is the ultimate book on making delicious, homemade chocolate bars.

CHOKOLADEBARER (Danish version)

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Number of pages: 20.

This e-book contains directions for designs and filling recipes for Tine's versions of five different chocolate bars:

  • Snickers
  • Lion
  • Bounty
  • Mars 
  • Twix

The chocolate bars have a shelf life of at least 45 days (stored at 16-18°C or cooler).

The e-book "CHOKOLADEBARER" does not contain instructions for tempering coloured cocoa butter and chocolate.

But you can read how to do succeed with tempering in Tine's first e-book, "FYLDTE CHOKOLADER - en praktisk guide", which contains everything you need to know about tempering chocolate and coloured cocoa butter, making your own coloured cocoa butter, working with an airbrush, cleaning moulds, making delicious fillings with a long shelf life, and much, much more.

If you are looking for a super easy to follow guide to chocolate tempering, you'll find one on the Chocolate Blog right here: Chocolate tempering made easy.

The file that you download is a pdf file. So the e-book works both super well if you want to read it on an iPad - and just as well if you want to print it on regular paper.

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31. may. 2023

Bettina Damsgaard Andersen
Et godt køb
Jeg er super glad for mit køb. Inspirerende opskrifter som er lige til at gå til. Og så var det nemt at købe og gemme på min mobil.
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