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How to make praliné as a home based chocolatier 


You wish to create your own homemade praliné but you don't own a Melanger... What to do?

Only very few home based chocolatiers own their own Melanger, and here is the good news for you:


- You don’t need a Melanger to make yummy praliné


- It’s not hard to make praliné


- However, it does require some patience 


For small batches of praliné, I don’t use my Melanger. Instead, I use a mini chopper by Kitchen Aid or (for even smaller batches) the processor that comes with my Bamix immersion blender.


How to make praliné


1. Place 100 g of hazelnuts on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Bake the nuts for 8-10 minutes at 180°C hot air, until the shells loosen and the nuts have taken on a little colour. Then leave the nuts to cool on the baking paper.


2. Transfer the nuts to a clean kitchen towel, wrap the nuts in the kitchen towel, and then rub the nuts through the kitchen towel so that the shells come off. Set the shelled nuts aside.


3. In a small pan, melt 100 g of granulated sugar at slightly below medium heat - without stirring it. When all the sugar has melted and the colour has reached light amber, pour the caramel onto a piece of baking paper. Leave the caramel to cool completely.


4. The next step is to make a the praliné of the hazelnuts and the caramel. Break the cooled caramel into smaller pieces. In a powerful mini chopper/mini blender, combine the caramel pieces and the hazelnuts. Then blend the caramel and the hazelnuts. At regular intervals, you need to stop blending to scrape the hazelnut/caramel mixture down the sides of the blender. The process takes time and patience before - finally - the mixture turns into a praliné. Check out the proces pics below.


This batch of praliné was used for making the yummiest Ferrero Rocher filling. The recipe for the Ferrero Rocher filling is included in my e-book ”MORE CHOCOLATEBARS – luxury versions”.

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