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Get started making chocolate bonbons - what do you need?

To make chocolate bonbons - without colour - you need the following:

- Good quality chocolate (e.g. from Callebaut) - and preferably in callets, so you don't have to chop the chocolate
- Polycarbonate chocolate moulds (hard plastic)
- Bowl that can be used in the microwave
- Kitchen scales
- Silicone spatula
- Reliable thermometer (either infrared or stick thermometer)
- Chocolate scraper in metal or plastic (preferably more than one)
- Disposable piping bags
- Baking paper


To make chocolate bonbons - with colour - you need the following in addition to the above:

- Coloured cocoa butter (e.g. from Roxy & Rich)
- Disposable gloves 
- Decoration tools such as various brushes, sponges, toothbrushes, etc.
- Freezer ice pack (speeds up the tempering process)
- Dish towels (which are only used for working with coloured cocoa butter)
- Paper towel

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