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Praliné ganache

Delicious and firm ganache with a wonderful milk chocolate and hazelnut flavour. For this ganache, I have used Hazelnut Praliné from Callebaut, but you can easily use a homemade praline (made from equal parts caramelised sugar and roasted, shelled hazelnuts). You will find a recipe for homemade praliné in the e-book AUTUMN - two layered chocolate bonbons.

The finished chocolate bonbons have a shelf life of a minimum of 60 days (stored at 16-18°C).


65 g whipping cream
5 g honey
5 g glucose syrup
100 g milk chocolate
75 g hazelnut praliné


1. Combine whipping cream, honey, and glucose syrup and bring the mixture to a boil (I use the microwave for this). Set the mixture aside.

2. Carefully melt the milk chocolate to 35°C (I also do this in the microwave).

3. Transfer the hazelnut praliné to a small bowl and then add the cream mixture - partially in three stages - to the hazelnut praliné while stirring in the centre with a small silicone spatula. Stir until the mixture becomes uniform. Set the mixture aside and let it cool down to 40°C.

4. Pour the cream/praliné mixture over the melted chocolate - partially in three stages - while stirring in the centre with a small silicone spatula. Stir until the ganache becomes homogeneous and glossy. Blend the ganache with an immer­sion blender.

5. Transfer the ganache to a piping bag and check that the temperature has dropped to 30°C. The praliné ganache is then ready for use.

Below you will find the recipe in a printable version (both in Danish and in English). Just click on the blue button :-)