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The most beautiful Christmas colours
- Here are my recommendations

Colours from Roxy & Rich

All the colours mentioned below are from Roxy & Rich. I work exclusively with coloured cocoa butter from Roxy & Rich. I have been doing so ever since I started making coloured chocolate bonbons, i.e. also before I became a Brand Ambassador for Roxy & Rich. I think their colours are both super beautiful and fantastic to work with.

For me, the most Christmassy colours are green, red, and gold.

Therefore, this blog post is about those three colours. So if you're looking for the most Christmassy cocoa butter colours, you've come to the right place. Here you will get my recommendations for which of Roxy & Rich's many beautiful green, red, and gold colours are - in my opinion - the most Christmassy.

Green colours

Green Moldavite: Beautiful dark green. Perfect for Christmas trees. I like to combine it with the bright Lemon Green Calcite in a fade design (see the Christmas trees immediately below) or with the golden Amber Honey for the golden design (see the green Cone-shaped chocolate bonbons under the Christmas tree bonbons). In my first e-book "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide" you get instructions for both the fade and the golden design.

Christmas Tree chocolate bonbons

Splash withe Imperial Topaz and fade with Green Moldavite (the sides) and a little Lemon Green Calcite (in the middle).

Homemade chocolate bonbons

Splash with Pirate Black, golden with Amber Honey and fully coloured with Green Moldavite.

Lemon Green Calcite:
Pretty light green, which works great on a dark background, see the bonbons below, where the Christmas tree is coloured with Lemon Green Calcite. The background - the dark blue - is Navy Blue Diamond.

Chocolate bonbons decorated with coloured cocoa butter

Splash with White Agate, Christmas trees with Lemon Green Calcite and fully coloured with Navy Blue Diamond.

In addition to Green Moldavite and Lemon Green Calcite, there are a number of other beautiful green colours from Roxy & Rich, including these Gemstone colours: Green Jade, Green Tourmaline, Green Agate, and Rainforest Topaz.

Red colours

Cardinal Red: Perfect and classic Christmas red from the Artist Collection. If you mould your chocolate bonbons in dark or milk chocolate, Cardinal Red will not stand out as clearly because of the dark background. So, it is my recommendation that you either mould in white or gold chocolate - or add a layer of white cocoa butter colour after the red if you mould the bonbons in dark or milk chocolate.

The perfect Christmas red cocoa butter colour

Amber Honey and Cardinal RedYou will find a guide to how the design is made in my e-book "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide".

Burgundy Ruby: Beautiful red colour from the Gemstone Collection. With Burgundy Ruby, it is not necessary to mould in white or gold chocolate - or to colour an extra layer of white cocoa butter colour. Burgundy Ruby stands out beautifully on both dark and milk chocolate.

Decorated Christmas bonbons

Imperial Topaz, Bronzite and Burgundy Ruby.

In addition to Cardinal Red and Burgundy Ruby, there are of course several other beautiful red colours from Roxy & Rich, including these Gemstone colours: Red Wine Topaz, Rosy Red Tourmaline and Cherry Red Opal.

Golden colours

Amber Honey: This is my complete and utter favourite gold. Not just at Christmas time, but throughout the year and in all contexts. It's the perfect gold colour: It's "real" gold in colour (not yellow and not brown), it's easy to work with, and it has super coverage. If you only want to buy one gold, you should get the Amber Honey.

How to decorate chocolate bonbons without an airbrush

Amber Honey and Pirate Black. You will find a guide to how the design is made in my e-book "NO AIRBRUSH NEEDED".

Imperial Topaz: Pretty and slightly darker gold - on the way to bronze, but of course not as dark as bronze. Imperial Topaz is also super easy to work with, and its coverage is second to none. Imperial Topaz is used on several of the chocolate bonbons pictured above (see captions).

If you are looking for a more yellow gold, then Honey Gold is the one you should get.

If you need a white for e.g. small snowflakes, I recommend White Agate.

All the mentioned colours are free of titanium dioxide (E171), which is no longer permitted for use in food in the EU.

On Roxy & Rich's website you can see the entire palette of beautiful cocoa butter colours from Roxy & Rich.