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Learn how to make chocolate bonbons. "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide" is the ultimate book on making homemade chocolate bonbons. Recipes for chocolate bonbons.

FYLDTE CHOKOLADER - en praktisk guide (Danish version)

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The ultimate practical guide to success in making beautiful, tasty chocolate bonbons.

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You get, among other things, this in the book:

- Detailed step by step guide to tempering chocolate and coloured cocoa butter
- The knowledge of how to make beautiful, shiny chocolate bonbons
- Everything you need to know about airbrushing, including how to bring your airbrush to life, how to get to know your airbrush, and what to adjust if the airbrush doesn't spray evenly and nicely (or doesn't spray at all)
- Knowledge of the properties of different sugars and the physics of chocolate tempering
- 24 easy recipes for fillings for your chocolate bonbons - that both taste extremely delicious and have a shelf life of 1-2 months
- Step-by-step guides to decorating your chocolate bonbons with coloured cocoa butter, including guides for both simple and more advanced designs
- Directions for cleaning moulds and equipment
- Information on storage and shelf life of the chocolate bonbons
- Information and recommendations regarding equipment and ingredients
- Tips for all stages of the work process

All in all, the book is a cornucopia of practical tips and points of attention in order to succeed in making beautiful, tasty chocolate bonbons.

Also, see the table of contents below for a more detailed insight into what the book contains.

Number of pages: 147

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E-bog om at lave fyldte chokoladerAlt du skal vide om at lave fyldte chokoladerFørstehjælp til temperering af chokoladeFarverige fyldte chokoladerSådan farver du fyldte chokoladerSådan kommer du fyld i fyldte chokoladerSådan skraber du chokoladeforme i polycarbonatWater Activity i ganache og holdbarhedDesigns for farverige fyldte chokoladerDekorationsteknikker for fyldte chokoladerGalaksedesign for fyldte chokoladerOpskrift på pistacieganache

Customer reviews

Based on 3 reviews
10. may. 2023

Fantastisk bog
Der er alt hvad man skal bruge af hjælp til at lave flotte chokolader rigtig god forklaring så det nemt at gå til .
10. mar. 2023

Dina Larsen
Super e- bog.
Super lækker e-bog, jeg har megen glæde af. :-)
9. mar. 2023

Chokolade temperering der bare virker
Efter jeg har købt din bog og brugt din chokolade tempererings metode har den bare virket hver gang og min chokolader kommer skinnende ud også når jeg støber i ren chokolade, og det bare fantastisk og så er dine opskrifter også bare gode og lækre. Så tak for din hjælp og guide som virker til mig.
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