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How to make beautiful, colourful chocolate bonbons without an airbrush

At the bottom of this blog post you will find instructions so that you can make the "Galaxy design" (pictured on the right) yourself.

But first, you'll get a list of decorating tools that you can use when decorating chocolate moulds - without an airbrush that is.

Decoration tools

- Brushes – both thin, wide (flat) and fan brushes
- Sponges – for example, a bath sponge cut into smaller pieces
- Toothbrushes
- Plastic scraper blades
- Glue-free vinyl (for making homemade glue-free stickers - you can read more about this in the e-book "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide")
- Plastic pens (fondant tools)

By the way, it is not important which brushes you use. They should just be with synthetic hair.

Galaxy design

You will need:
Cone mould, e.g. CW 1433
A toothbrush
A plastic scraper blade
Two very thin brushes
White cocoa butter colour (e.g. White Agate)
Light blue cocoa butter colour (e.g. Blue Apatite)
Medium blue cocoa butter colour (e.g. Blue Aquamarine)
Black cocoa butter colour (e.g. Pirate Black)

Before you start decorating the chocolate mould, the cocoa butter colours must be tempered. There are several ways to temper coloured cocoa butter, and you can read about the different methods in the e-book "CHOCOLATE BONBONS - a practical guide".


1. Apply a little white colour on a toothbrush. Stroke the tooth­brush against the edge of a plastic scraper blade in a downward movement towards the chocolate mould so that small, white splashes appear in the cavities. Repeat until you think the amount of white splash is appropriate. Let the white colour dry for at least 10 minutes.

2. Dip the tip of a very thin brush in light blue colour and then move the brush in a spiral motion from the edge of the cavity down towards the bottom of the cavity. Let the light blue colour dry for at least 10 minutes.

3. Repeat the spiral motion with a medium blue colour (use a new brush). Let the medium blue colour dry for at least 10 minutes.

4. Fully colour with black (two layers) with a sponge or a brush.