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This e-book is perfect for you who have never made chocolate bonbons before­.

It is also perfect for you if you have tried to work with chocolate a few times but you are missing a tempering ­­guide ­that will give you perfectly tempered chocolate, every time.

In addition to a "failproof" guide to tempering chocolate, you get an overview ­of the work process for chocolate bonbons from start to finish, a list of the necessary equipment, and a recipe for a super delicious coffee ganache. The ganache is easy to create, and it can be made with very basic ingredients that you can buy in your local super­market.

Different temperatures apply when tempering different types of choco­late, such as dark, milk, and white chocolate. In the e-book you get an overview of the temperatures for the five most common types of chocolate­, so that with that overview in hand you will be able to temper all five types of chocolate.

So, with this e-book in hand, you will be able to create chocolate bon­bons from start to finish :-)

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