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This web shop is owned by Tine Forst, who is also the woman behind the Instagram account tine.prefers.chocolate.

Tine loves chocolate, and has loved chocolate for as long as she can remember. When Tine is dining out, she always chooses the chocolate dessert. It has always been like that. Neither a crème brûlée nor a tiramisu is particularly appealing if you can get something (almost anything) with chocolate instead.

Tine has been making chocolate bonbons for many years, and she has taken courses with several different chocolatiers, read books by the most well-regarded authors in the world of chocolate and, in general, has thoroughly familiarised herself with everything there is to know about chocolate in order to achieve the best possible results when making chocolate bonbons.

Tine's e-books are written based on the many practical experiences she has gained during her dozens (and dozens!) of hours in the chocolate kitchen as well as all the knowledge about chocolate that she has acquired over the past several years.

Tine is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was born in 1978, qualified as a lawyer in 2002, and has worked as an attorney-at-law since 2007. Tine is part of Callebaut Nordic's blogging team, and she is brand ambassador for the Canadian company Roxy & Rich which produces cocoa butter colours and other food colours of the highest quality.